DHS Accused of Lying, Again, About a Terrorism-Immigration Link

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fact sheet meant to highlight terrorism concerns at the southern border violates federal laws on government data integrity, according to legal-rights groups that recently got the Trump administration to admit a similar effort conflating terrorism and immigration was seriously flawed.

“[T]he Department distorts the facts to create the false impression that terrorists are flooding across the Southwest Border,” Democracy Forward, Muslim Advocates and the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) wrote Thursday to DHS denouncing a document it says is intended “to support calls for extreme and unnecessary border security measures.”

The three groups accuse DHS of violating the Information Quality Act (IQA), a relatively obscure law meant to ensure the reliability of information released by the government, and requested DHS correct or update its fact sheet within 60 days. If not, they say, they’ll consider taking the administration to court, an approach that recently paid dividends for two of those groups on the exact same issue.

“DHS is pushing these false facts and misleading narratives to try to get the President out of a political jam of his own making, but by presenting misinformation to the public, they are breaking the law,” said Anne Harkavy, Democracy Forward’s executive director. “Every time the Trump administration twists the facts to solve its political problems, it makes it harder and harder for people to trust the information they get from the agencies charged with keeping us safe.”

By Spencer Ackerman for DAILY BEAST

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