COMMENTARY: Immigration concerns for Navarrette

Some of us old white (Gringo) men are not concerned with whether or not either you or we are being fair. We just wish to be accurate: truth is not concerned with fairness.

No white person can speak the truth without being called racist; so please, call me racist. Also, feel free to generalize about my motives, if it makes you feel better.

There are several ways to define invasion (English dictionary?); for those of us who do not agree with having (probably) 26 million illegally present aliens (and with 200,000 more pouring in monthly), invasion fits very well.

As (still) the biggest part of the half of our population paying for welfare, we are justified in asking that immigrants be qualified in some needed skill or profession; other countries require this and responsible sponsors for all immigrants.

Why should we be different? Are all other nations wrong, or just some of us in the USA?

Few of us would reduce the number of legal immigrants to less than two million to three per year, as long as they are qualified, authorized and legally present.

We need qualified workers because we abort our own babies and our birth rate is decreasing. The problem of nonassimilation has noticeably divided us; why would you support this?

Muslims are prohibited by their creed to assimilate (read it). 

Are we wrong to think that the constant inflow of Latinos will eventually make our culture into one similar to south of the border?

You were born here – have you ever lived south of the border? How far? We did, for 23 years.

As to the cost of illegal immigration: it is published several times daily on One American News (channel 347/Direct TV), and it is a staggering amount of billions.

You say immigrants are not eligible for welfare, but public statistics say that over half of both legal and illegal immigrants are welfare-subsidized; who is wrong ? But you admit that they do use public services in “humming economies”?

By Jim Taylor for VALLEY STAR

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