Chicago Archdiocese’s Immigration Program Funded by Leftists

CHICAGO ( – The archdiocese of Chicago has partnered with Democrats to push leftist immigration reform.

Starting on July 10 and running for four days, the archdiocese of Chicago, led by Cdl. Blase Cupich, will be training representatives from 13 dioceses at the Catholic Theological Union on how to start parish-based immigration ministries. The goal of the event is “forming a nation-wide network.”

The annual training event, Instituto Pastoral Migratoria, is conducted by Cupich’s own immigration ministry called Pastoral Migratoria. Started in 2008, it’s overseen by the archdiocese’s Office of Human Dignity and Solidarity — the same office that runs the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Relief Services programs, both scandal-ridden agencies caught helping outfits that distribute contraception or promote LGBT advocacy.

A press release announcing the annual training event notes that the Instituto “was created as a result of the failure of comprehensive immigration reform.”

Church Militant spoke with Kathleen Sullivan, a long-time pro-life advocate who formerly worked with the archdiocese of Chicago during the 1970s and 1980s. Sullivan and Mary Kraychy co-founded Catholics for Responsible Action to be a voice for the unborn in the face of the silence of the bishop.

She attempted to work with Cdl. Joseph Bernardin, former head of the archdiocese of Chicago, during his tenure to develop an archdiocesan-wide pro-life ministry, but he rejected her proposal partly on the grounds that “it was not set in the context of the broad range of life issues” — his seamless garment theory.

Sullivan and the group were critical of the bishops’ inaction, and that criticism led to Cdl. Bernardin refusing to allow Catholics for Responsible Action access to parishes to develop a cohesive network or for fundraising.

She learned the pro-life budget for the whole archdiocese went from $41,000 to $92,000 in the 11 years after Roe v. Wade, the equivalent of around $200,000 today.

Cardinal Cupich projected the archdiocese’s immigration ministry would top more than $500,000 in expenses in 2018.

“It is what they did not do,” Sullivan explained. “Sixty-one million abortions later and the Catholic Church doesn’t run a real pro-life operation.”

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