The Camera Doesn’t Lie: On Immigration, Trump is Rudderless

It was awesome yesterday to watch Donald Trump in action — or, more accurately, inaction.

Clearly stung by Michael Wolff’s true portrayal, in “Fire and Fury,” of a guy whose sole core conviction is himself, a guy of limited intellect who knows squat about policy, Trump invited the media to watch him preside over a White House confab on immigration with congressional leaders. He got a few good reviews, because at this point the bar is so low that if he stays semi-attentive for 55 minutes without tweeting or drooling, somebody inevitably concludes that This Was The Moment When He Became President of the United States.

But the camera doesn’t lie. It was glaringly obvious that on the issue of immigration, mostly notably the future of the 700,000 dreamers (the undocumented immigrants who came to America as kids), the very stable genius has no idea what he believes. Based on what he said at the meeting, he believes in everything that everyone in both parties said — although he’d be fine with endorsing all of it or none of it, depending on what they want to do or not do.

That’s the gist, compliments of a weak president who wants to lead from behind. Way behind.

Republican senators, in particular, were hoping that Trump would say what he wants; after all, in a normally functioning government, it’s the president who frames the issues, and provides policy direction, for his congressional allies. But alas, as Sen. James Lankford admitted later, the meeting “got confusing at times.”

At times Trump appeared to endorse the Democrats’ idea of simply allowing the dreamers to stay in America, with no conditions attached — in legislative parlance, a “clean bill.” When Sen. Dianne Feinstein asked on camera whether Trump would support a clean dreamer bill, he immediately declared, “Yeah, I would like to do it.”

By Dick Polman for WHYY
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