Brooklyn NY Prosecutor to ‘Minimize Immigration Consequences’ for Convicts

The top prosecutor in the New York City borough of Brooklyn said in a statement Monday that he will work to help illegal immigrants with low-level criminal convictions avoid deportation.

Kings County Acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez laid out a new policy “aimed at minimizing collateral immigration consequences of criminal convictions.”

According to WPIX, illegal immigrants and green card or visa-holders can face possible deportation for crimes as minor as jumping an MTA subway turnstile.

Gonzalez’ office hired immigration attorneys who will work to make sure the punishment for any crime is commensurate with the act committed.

The D.A. added that he does not intend to make things more difficult for the federal government regarding illegal alien criminals.

He said he is instead seeking to make sure those who “cause real harm” and “endanger others” are the ones who are punished to the fullest extent under federal and local laws.

“We will not stop prosecuting crimes, but we are determined to see that case outcomes are proportionate to the offense as well as fair and just for everyone,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez was praised by the New York Immigration Coalition for advocating the protection of Brooklyn’s immigrant community.

By Fox News Insider
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