Bernie Sanders had the strangest response to Trump’s immigration address

On Tuesday evening, President Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office regarding the “crisis of the heart and crisis of the soul” at our Mexican border. Emphasizing the need to fund a border wall and end the government shutdown, the president mentioned not only the threats posed to Americans by the drugs and criminals crossing our border, but also the humanitarian crisis created by an influx of women and children who are victimized or treated as pawns by the coyotes who illegally shuttle them into our country.

By far the most head-scratching response came from Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who tweeted the following: 

It is beyond belief that Sanders would compare “outrageous student debt” and 30 million uninsured Americans with the deadly drug epidemic fueled by Mexican cartels, or the very real problem of violence perpetrated against Americans by illegal immigrants.

Perhaps Sanders has never watched a family be torn apart by drug use. Thanks to America’s drug crisis, like an increasing number of Americans, I have. I have watched heroin deplete resources, hope, and the promise of a bright future. I have seen it do its damage not just in the user, but across multiple generations. Having borne witness to that devastation, I am begging my congressional representatives to ensure that the cartels bringing in heroin and fentanyl, among other drugs, have fewer access points into our country, and that all legal border crossings are equipped with enhanced drug-screening equipment.

Maybe Sanders thinks his “crises” are more urgent because he has never known someone whose family has been reduced in size by the deadly actions of an illegal immigrant. Members of my family have. My father’s friend and fellow Naval Academy graduate, Ray Tranchant, lost his 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, and her 17-year-old friend, Allison Kunhardt, when illegal immigrant Alfredo Ramos ran into their vehicle at a stoplight in my hometown of Virginia Beach in March 2007. Prior to the incident, Ramos had been convicted of three misdemeanor offenses involving alcohol. His blood alcohol content at the scene was more than 0.3.


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