The American Nightmare vs. The Canadian Dream

The Trump administration was once again shut down in its attempt to implement a new travel ban this past month. The Federal Court judge found that the ban “…plainly discriminates based on nationality…” in opposition to federal law and “…the founding principles of this Nation…”

Yet, the administration is fearlessly using other methods to continue its policy of discrimination and to dismantle the U.S. immigration framework. After deciding it would not renew DACA for some 800,000 beneficiaries residing in the U.S., it’s attack is now focused on other U.S. Immigration programs.

The Temporary Protected Status program is a humanitarian program and is at risk of not being renewed for over 400,000 immigrants from countries having suffered through natural disasters or wars. Many of these recipients are from Central America

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) visas for talented U.S. trained graduates will soon face the chopping board. 45,000 foreign national, U.S. trained graduates will take their skills, talent an ingenuity to other countries.

H1B visas for the highly skills workers the U.S. is in high demand for are now being put through a redundant, costly, re-vetting process, requesting additional evidence and slowing down approvals. This leaving U.S. employers stuck without qualified staff to conduct day–to-day business. Also required to undergo this additional scrutiny are the L1s (intracompany transfers) TN (Canadian and Mexican citizens) and O-1s (“extraordinary abilities.)”

Yet, as the U.S. immigration nightmare continues, Canada is successfully rebranding the American Dream into the Canadian dream. One in 5 Canadians is an immigrant. And where the U.S. is rejecting highly skilled workers, Canadian companies’ entire purpose is to redirect potential U.S. foreign workers to Canada’s growing “Silicon Valley” in Vancouver.

Would someone please let the Trump administration know that the more visas issued the less illegal immigration to the US? Enough is enough. We want our American Dream back!

By The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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