The United States has historically been a nation set apart; providing safe haven for the oppressed of the world. The millions who crammed boats with the hope of setting their eyes on Ellis Island and the gracious Lady Liberty came because we are a sanctuary nation. In the last few days, U.S. Courts have intervened in response to two executive orders issued by the newly installed President Trump, directly affecting immigration policy in the U.S. Leading the charge was New York’s Eastern District Court which issued an emergency Order last Saturday night at 1:30 a.m. In its decision the Court stated that the “…removal of the Petitioners and others similarly situated violates their rights to Due Process and Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States…” Three other Federal Courts across the nation joined in granting stays of Mr. Trump’s executive order over the weekend; a strong demonstration that we are indeed (still) a nation of laws. Any attempt by Mr. Trump to abuse and misuse the executive power will be challenged.

Mr. Trump’s discriminatory, overly broad and over-reaching language in his executive orders is quite characteristic of his style. The orders banned entry to the U.S. by refugees seeking asylum, in flagrant violation of accepted international humanitarian norms says Human Rights Watch. They also ban entry to the U.S. for persons originating from 7 Muslim-majority countries, regardless of their immigration status and in violation of the U.S. Constitution. They also attempt to strong arm immigrant-friendly municipalities into compliance with their aggressive tactics, detaining undocumented immigrants, by withholding Federal funding from said municipalities. This is a clear violation of the 2012 decision by the Supreme Court in Seblius regarding withholding of federal monies. Although many states and cities such as New York, Boston and San Francisco have publically denounced the immigration ban, the Courts now have their opportunity to weigh in on the legal issues the ban creates.

According to Reena Flores of CBS on January 29, 2017, many Republican Senators are critical of these executive orders, including John McCain of Arizona. In addition, Daniel Gross of the New Yorker reported protests in many cities in reaction people being turned away at airports. Protesters chanted “Let them Stay.” According to David Jackson of USA Today, The Cato Institute (a conservative think-tank) issued a report on the reasons why the ban should be lifted. These reasons include the fact that no lethal attack has ever been launched in the U.S. by nationals of any of the banned countries.

While, we, at Immigration Post, have in past called for comprehensive immigration reform which is inclusive and promotes diversity, it is now clear that a long battle will be waged for this nation to maintain its “Sanctuary” status in the world. As result, our call now must shift to you “the People”: Get involved, lift-up your voice and let your opinion be heard by your local and U.S. representatives in opposition to this discriminatory immigration policy. The future of America depends on you!
The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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