A Court Just Handed Trump An Immigration Victory What Will it Mean for Asylum Seekers?

A federal court has decided to allow the administration to continue sending asylum seekers back to Mexico as the lawsuit against the Remain in Mexico plan makes its way through the legal system.

One of the Trump administration’s signature immigration plans scored a victory in court on Tuesday when three federal judges declared that the so-called “Remain in Mexico” plan could stay in place as the outcome of the lawsuit filed against the plan is decided. The determination will allow the administration to continue forcing asylum seekers back across the border into Mexico as their asylum claims make their way through immigration court.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision is the latest salvo in a whiplash-inducing legal back-and-forth regarding the Migrant Protection Protocols (the official name of the Remain in Mexico plan). A month ago, a different Ninth Circuit judge issued an injunction against the MPP, preventing the government from returning any more asylum seekers to Mexico as the lawsuit was decided. The administration appealed, and, a week after that decision, the appeals court lifted the injunction, allowing the administration to continue sending people back across the border. Yesterday, the appeals court decided that the plan could remain in place until the judicial system makes its final determination.

We’ve covered the Remain in Mexico plan from the day it first went into place in January to the day the American Civil Liberties Union and its partners filed a lawsuitagainst it, as well as all the subsequent legal decisions. Here are some key takeaways from the latest court decision.

By Jack Herrera for PACIFIC STANDARD

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